Friday, August 17, 2007

michelle obama: wow.

I didn't think Obama had a chance of overcoming the Clinton political machine, until I saw this:

Wow. This chick could give old Bill a run for his money on the stump. She should hit the talk show circuit and get as much exposure as possible; what feminine appeal old calculating Hillary has is decimated by Michelle's intense presence.

To the extent that there have been any attacks of note flying back and forth between the top three democractic presidential candidates, they have never been between Obama and Edwards. On the one hand this is only natural, as her gigantic and ever growing lead makes her the one to focus on beating. On the other hand, I believe the pace of her growing popularity is largely a function of the decline of Bush's ratings and her name recognition.

The primary is less than four months out now, and Obama and Edwards have got to be pondering all their options: a pledged joint ticket springs immediately to mind. Hillary is extremely unlikely to pick either of them as a running mate; she'll look for someone non-controversial and unlikely to stand up to her, like her husband and his predecessor did. Obama has been rumored to favor Tom Daschle, but he won't be able to choose the former Senate Majority Leader if he can't touch Hillary in the primaries.

Usually these joint ticket fantasies are just that because of the huge egos involved. However, Edwards has played second fiddle before (he would this time as well simply because he trails Obama by a wide margin), and both Edwards and Obama have conspicuously refrained from attacking each other. Obama/Edwards would be a hail mary for the nomination, but a hail mary is what their campaigns may need.

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