Thursday, September 20, 2007

google-translated alexis debat "interviews"

Here are all of the Alexis Debat interviews (check the link for background) that I could find still lurking in Google's cache. The links all point to Google-powered translations; if you'd like to read it in the original French there is a link at the top of each resulting page to do so.

Bloomberg translation

Obama interview (original link is broken) and the translation

Allawi translation

Bill Gates translation

Giuliani translation

Mubarak translation

Paul Bremer story translation, and the interview translation

Article about Kofi Annan not interview, translation here.

Musharraf translation

Bill Clinton translation

Hillary Clinton interview summary translation

Colin Powell translation

Nancy Pelosi translation

Schwarzenegger translation

William Kristol translation

Donald de Marino translation

Alan Greenspan translation

Newly added: John Bolton interview and translation

That's about all I could dig up. If anyone can find the original Hillary interview, drop me a line.

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